Aspley Beauty Spa delivers

Just as your beautiful eye colour is unique to you, so are your fabulous eyelashes. At Aspley Beauty Spa our highly experienced Eyelash Extension Technicians will tailor your eyelash extensions to make your eyes even more alluring and noticeable.

The eyelash looks we can create for you can be our classical range of natural, fine and feathery – to bombshell, dramatic, and voluminous lashes.

We can even create a look that is in-between with our highly sophisticated hybrid method of selective lash placement. Our technicians are excellent and thoroughly trained in helping you look your best.

3D Aspley Beauty Spa Eyelash Extensions are quality products made from silk and mink which are natural-looking and can last up to three months with maintenance.

Our 3D Volume Russian extensions give your lashes 3 times the thickness and 3 times the lusciousness!

6D Aspley Beauty Spa Eyelash Extensions are our exclusive range of dramatic and glamorous eye-catching Russian extensions.

Made with premium Russian mink and silk, we will give your individual lashes 6 times the thickness and love!

6D lashes are the ultimate in diva pampering. Your lush lashes will get you noticed without having to apply any other product to your eyes.

What Can I Expect?

Our first eyelash appointment begins with a consultation where we listen to your ideas about the kind of statements you want your lashes to make.

We can help you decide on the volume and length and at the same time, we will inform you about how to maintain your natural lashes.

We have a wide variety of  premium eyelash products and we stay on top of the newest products and techniques available in the eyelash extension beauty industry.

It is always advisable that you come to your appointment without any make-up on so that we can give your lashes the extra time and care that they deserve.

At Aspley Beauty Spa we will give you beautiful eyelashes and provide you with aftercare information that you will need to help you care for lashes in-between your visits with us.

As Aspley Beauty Spa, we care for your lashes like they were our own!

We invite you to get in touch with us by calling, texting or emailing us for an appointment.

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