“We Love To Make You Beautiful and Feel Good”

Aspley Beauty Spa is the creation of sisters Amica and Sasha.

We are passionate about giving our clients special beauty

treatments, so they can feel beautiful, special and confident.

We take a nurturing approach with our customers to ensure they can express themselves and allow us to fulfill their desires.

Treat yourself to a wonderful experience and walk back into

your world with style and beauty.

Our Customers


“My eyelash extensions at Aspley Spa are always truly great. Quality eyelashes & product and real technicians & artists.”


“I’m a newcomer to eyelash extensions. Wow, what a difference it makes! Amica was really patient in working with me. I now often get remarks on how good I’m looking without anyone directly noticing my extensions. Very natural and long lasting.”


“I exclusively use Aspley Beauty Spa for my beauty treatment. They are very professional and take their time with me.”

We Welcome You to Visit Us and Experience the Difference for Yourself